Zippyloan Review

With Zippyloan, you can borrow up to $15,000 as fast as the next business day. Easy online application takes just 5 minutes to help you find a loan that works best for you.

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Zippyloan Personal Loan Review

ZippyLoan Personal Loan Review

Despite the best laid plans, it’s not unusual for people to be short on cash when it comes to bills or other expenses due between paychecks. If you find yourself in that situation you’re likely stressed and panicking about how you can address the issue and you might be considering a loan. While loans may not be the best option for everybody, there are some great options if you need to borrow some funds.

What is Zippyloan?

Zippyloan offers personal loans by connecting you with multiple lenders to help you find the best rate based on your needs. Essentially, Zippyloan functions as a matchmaking service between you and various companies that can offer you a loan that addresses your specific financial situation. You’ll handle your loan directly with the lender but Zippyloan can help you weigh multiple options that you may be eligible for all in one place.

How Does Zippyloan Work?

Zippyloan is a service that connects you with lenders that will be able to offer you loans that work for you. If you’re interested in using their service you’ll fill out a form and they’ll reach out to lenders on your behalf and those lenders will follow up with you with final offers.

The loan amount you can borrow through Zippyloan is anywhere from $100 to $15,000. You’ll request a specific amount when you fill out the application form but the loan will depend on your credit score, employment history, and other factors.

Most of the lenders who Zippyloan will connect you with will typically offer unsecured loans. Secured loans are loan options where you have to offer something such as a car or house as collateral that the lender can seize if you stop your payments. Unsecured loans require no collateral and are a far better option for anyone regardless of circumstances. If you default on the loan you’ll deal with collection agencies and the like but you won’t have your car, home, or other property taken away in retaliation.

The repayment plans that Zippyloan lenders offer last anywhere from one to 60 months.

Zippyloan Rates & Fees


Varies based on your credit score, repayment history and other factors

Loan term:

6 - 72 months

Loan amounts:

$100 - $15,000

Payment frequency:

Once or twice a month

Credit needed:

All credit types accepted

Prepayment penalty:


Hidden fees:


Who Should Use Zippyloan?

Short term loans are really only a good option for anyone who is typically financially stable but finds themselves in an emergency situation and would be able to pay back the loan fairly soon. If you’re in a situation where you can only pay the minimum repayment amount it’s probably a good idea to avoid taking out a loan.

Zippyloan is also a good service for anyone that is in the process of rebuilding their credit as they can match you with options that fit your specific situation. In either case, you should only take out a loan in extreme situations as it’s not advisable to make a habit of it.

You must also be 18 years old at a minimum to use Zippyloan services.

How Does Applying for a Loan Through Zippyloan Work?

If you decide you want to use ZippyLoan to find a suitable loan for your situation then you will fill out a form on their website with some of your basic information that will tell potential lenders who you are and what your credit score currently looks like. As Zippyloan isn’t a lender, they won’t be the ones analyzing your results. Instead they’ll be passing on your information to lenders who may be able to offer you the kind of loan that you need.

You can fill out your application at any point throughout the day. As Zippyloan is an online-only service you won’t need to adhere to business hours when it comes to submitting your application. The timeline with which you’ll receive your funds will typically rely on standard banking hours but you’ll be able to get started with your application whenever you are ready.

After you submit your application you’ll receive information about which loans you may qualify for. Zippyloan will advise you as to what the loan amounts may be but the final amount may not be the exact same. Consider them an estimate that the lender will finalize when they receive additional information and present you with the offer.

These lenders may also use additional methods to verify the information you provided before offering you a final offer. Usually this involves verifying employment information and checking your credit score. This does not typically involve a credit check that affects your credit score in any way.

Does Zippyloan Cost Any Money?

Although each lender will have a specific set of fees that you'll have to accept if you use their service, Zippyloan itself will not cost you any money. It is completely free to fill out an application and review your options. You won’t be on the hook for any payments unless you accept and receive an offer.

What Are the Benefits of Zippyloan?

Although Zippyloan may not be the right answer to everyone’s specific situation, there are many benefits to using their service. One of the biggest benefits to using Zippyloan is that if approved for a loan you’ll get your funds as quickly as the next business day. The exact timeline depends on which lender you use but fast funding is typically what you can expect from any of the lenders Zippyloan connects you with.

If you currently have a good credit score and decent financial health then Zippyloan can be a great service as they’ll be able to match you with loan offers that come with decent interest rates and a fair repayment schedule that you’ll be able to manage. This can also be true if you have a fair credit score rating.

If you have poor credit health, applying for a loan isn’t advisable but you still may be able to find an option for you through Zippyloan’ services. There is no credit minimum to apply so you’ll always be able to see if you have any options no matter what your situation is.

You may also receive no matches to your request. This could easily be seen as a pro or a con depending on your situation but ultimately this is a positive aspect of using Zippyloan. You can find out quickly if there is a loan option for you and if there isn’t then you can start to figure out other solutions or come up with an alternative plan.

Another important benefit of using Zippyloan is that it is safe and your information is always protected. Since you’ll be providing personal information when you apply it’s important for Zippyloan to encrypt everything and they do, which will allow you to provide necessary facts without worrying that your data will be stolen.

When you submit an application through Zippyloan you’re not obligated to accept any loans that may be presented to you. You will always get to see what your options are before committing.

Are there Downsides to using Zippyloan?

One of the biggest negatives to borrowing money in general is that you’ll usually end up paying far more in interest and in the long run you’ll usually be better off going without. Some of the loans Zippyloan will connect you with are payday loans which are loans with a repayment schedule that is set to coincide with the days you get paid. If it’s a small amount this can end up being an okay situation but usually payday loans come with high fees and can end up putting you in a worse situation than you were to begin with.

While Zippyloan is available throughout most of the United States, you will not be able to use it’s services if you’re a resident of New York, Oregon, Washington DC, or West Virginia.

Interest rates with Zippyloan may vary dramatically depending on your situation and your credit score. You won’t necessarily get a high interest rate but you won’t be able to plan on a range prior to submitting an application.

In the same vein, fees and specific terms vary immensely when it comes to the lenders who are part of Zippyloan network. You’ll want to read the fine print and make sure you’re aware of all the details before you accept a loan offer as some of the potential offers you’ll receive may be extremely unforgiving and you don’t want to dig yourself into a deeper hole.

When you use services like Zippyloan that connect you with lenders you’ll usually receive an influx of emails and calls from those that are interested in offering you a loan. This can be seen as a huge downside but can ultimately be worth it if you find a great loan option.

Example of a Zippyloan Personal Loan

Amount Period APR Monthly Total Paid
$2,000 24 month 12% $94.15 $2,259.60
$2,000 24 month 24% $105.74 $2,537.76
$2,000 24 month 35.99% $118.09 $2,834.16

How to Apply with Zippyloan

Zippyloan offers a fast application process and funds can available as soon as next business day and is a great option if you are looking for a way to obtain access to cash quickly.

To get started, visit, select cash needed along with your monthly income and the reason you are applying for your loan. You will then be taken to the next step of the process which will ask you for some personal information including:

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver's License
  • Amount Requested
  • Purpose of Loan
  • Employment Details
  • Contact Information
  • Bank Details
  • Your Credit Score Range

The application takes about 3 steps to complete. After your application is submitted, it is passed along to the lenders who will get in touch with you to discuss your options. To finalize the process, you simply e-sign the loan and get funds deposited as fast as next business day.

Is Zippyloan Legit? Is it Safe?

Yes, Zippyloan is safe and securely connects you with multiple lenders to help you find the best personal loan rates. ZippyLoans is a good option for anyone with fair to great credit who needs help with an emergency situation.

If you find yourself needing a loan every few weeks then you’ll likely want to reevaluate your situation and come up with a strategy to address it that doesn’t involve taking out a loan.

ZippyLoan Review

Borrow anywhere from $100 to $15,000

Quick 5 minute application process

Get funded as fast as next business day!

All credit types accepted

No hidden fees or setup costs

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