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How to Apply For a $100k Business Loan

As a business owner, there’s always something that can be improved or invested in. It’s not uncommon to find yourself face to face with a total of $100,000 in improvements that could really scale your business to new heights. But what if you’ve never applied for a business loan before? Or you simply haven’t dealt with an application for a loan of this size before?

No problem! This guide will give you step by step instructions on what to do and what to expect. We hope it helps you through this process!

Applying for a $100,000 loan for your business is fast and easy:

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Absolutely no negative impact on your credit score, ever.

Apply for a $100,000 Business Loan

Can I get a business loan for $100,000?

Yes, you can get a business loan for $100,000. What the loan terms look like, what the monthly payment is, what the total cost will be and who your lender will be all depend on your financial health and wellbeing. If your business is providing a lot of revenue, it will be a smoother process, but if it isn’t - no worries! We’re going to talk about the variety of options available to you then.

Where can I get a $100,000 business loan?

Looking for a $100,000 business loan can seem futile, so here’s a list of different financial lenders to keep an eye out for. There are four primary types of lenders to consider and depending on you, one might be better suited for your business than another.

Online lenders

For those needing fast cash, online lenders are ideal. They are less critical of those with bad credit, younger businesses, and are often able to deliver the cash within 48 hours. There are many different options for online lenders so make sure to check them out and do your research!

Community banks

Community banks know the ins and outs of the community. They have an expansive network and always look to connect people. This isn’t the option for you if you need your funds available stat, but this is the option if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for the money and appreciate the advice they may be able to give.

National banks

National banks tend to be interested in large businesses. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, they are unlikely to be interested in approving your loan. Consider choosing a different option as a small or medium sized business owner.

Credit Unions

Are you an existing member of a credit union? If you answered yes, then credit unions may be a good fit for you. They don’t offer business loans to non-members but may consider giving you a business loan as long as you don’t pose a financial risk and they have a history of you using their financial services responsibly.

How much does a $100,000 business loan cost?

A business loan’s total is difficult to calculate when you don’t know the specific loan terms. Many factors determine the final total cost. Factors like your APR, if you plan on paying the minimum monthly or if you’ll be paying extra, what your loan terms are or the time frame you’re given to pay the loan back, and if there are any additional fees.

Rates can vary greatly from lender to lender, so it’s important to do some rate shopping and find the best fit for you. Some loans will have a longer repayment period, while others are shorter. Find out what is ideal for you and see which lender offers the closest thing to that.

Reminder - always research and find different options.

While it’s difficult to give an exact number, there are online loan calculators that depending on the information you put in, will give you an idea of what it would add up to.

When is it a good idea to take out a $100,000 business loan?

Making monthly payments is crucial in determining if it’s a good idea to take out a $100,000 business loan. If you’re unable to do so easily, then it’s not a good idea as it will cause additional stress on top of the business stress, and it’s then easy to fall behind. As bankruptcy should be avoided, it’s crucial that monthly payments will come easy to you.

As much as your business could be served by putting in more money and taking out a loan, it won’t be served if you can’t make payments and then have to shut your business down prematurely. Always make sure you know what you can afford. Maybe it’s a smaller business loan, or maybe you’re ready to rock and roll!

Need help finding the right loan?

No worries, we've got you covered! Compare personalized loan options in just minutes without impact on your credit score.

What is the minimum credit score required for a $100,000 business loan?

There is no simple answer to this question. Each lender has its own requirements and minimum credit scores. When looking at the overall picture though, online lenders are the least picky and will approve those with credit scores as low as 560.

Can I get a $100,000 business loan if I have good credit?

When applying for a business loan, there are multiple factors that impact whether or not you get approved for it. Your personal credit score is one of those factors. So if you happen to have a good credit score, it will make it much more likely that you’ll get approved, however if all of your other financials are lacking then even the credit score won’t save you..

Other factors that are considered are monthly and annual revenue, as well as how old your business is. If those factors are also meeting the minimum requirement, then your approval process will be quick and pain-free.

Can I get a $100,000 business loan if I have bad credit?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have good credit. If you are one of the unfortunate ones with poor credit, the good news is - you’re not alone! And many are still able to qualify for a $100,000 business loan with bad credit. Thankfully, a business loan looks at much more than just your personal credit. Therefore, if you do have bad credit, it’s not the end of the world. It’s simply one of many factors.

Some lenders are also simply more likely to not pay as close attention to credit than others. Online lenders are known for approving those with poor credit. Community banks may also choose to weigh other factors more heavily than your credit score.

If you do have poor credit, make sure that your monthly and/or annual revenue are fantastic. This will help with the approval process.

What are the monthly payments on a $100k business loan?

The monthly payment really depends on your loan terms. Some loans are a 20 year loan, while others may be shorter. In addition, the interest rate will make a big difference in your monthly rate. If you have all the loan information, you can use an online loan calculator to determine your monthly estimated payments.

How long does it take to pay off a $100k business loan?

How long it takes to pay off $100k in business loan is ultimately up to you and fully in your control. If you are paying the minimum monthly payment, it will take you the full loan terms to pay off the loan. If you are paying extra, you could be done much sooner!

How do I qualify for a $100k business loan?

Your lender needs certain information from you in order to ensure that you truly qualify for that loan. Some of those documents to take with you or have ready to scan are:

  • Credit score
  • Tax statements
  • Proof of revenue/gross income
  • Proof of residency

As a side note: For those who are unsuccessful in getting a business loan, consider getting a personal loan.

How quickly can I get a $100,000 business loan?

Sometimes you need the money quickly, and other times there may not be a rush. If you happen to need the money ASAP, choose an online lender. They can get you your funds usually within 48 hours. Community bankers and credit unions will take several weeks to get you your business loan.

What is the best way to obtain a $100,000 business loan online?

Searching for a $100,000 business loan online can seem overwhelming, but it really isn’t or doesn’t have to be. Simply find a website that does the comparing of rates for you. There are many websites that will show you several online lenders and their respective requirements, rates, and loan terms. This helps you get a better idea of what to expect and who may be the best fit for you.

Compare rates online to find the best deal for you

Shopping for rates online should be similar to shopping for your dream car. Why pay a higher price at one dealership, when you get a better price at a different dealership? You want to do your research so you know you’re getting the very best deal for you. Check out at least 3 or 4 different lenders before making a decision on the final one.

Apply for a $100,000 business loan

When applying for a $100,000 business loan, the process isn’t any more complicated than that for a loan of $5,000. In fact, the process is exactly the same! The following steps will help you with the application process:

  1. Do the research. Compare lenders.
  2. Pre-qualify.
  3. Decide on the lender and fill out an application.
  4. Get approved!

Now that you have all of the information necessary to apply for a business loan, we hope you will know whether or not it’s a good idea to apply in the first place and if yes, how to go about it!

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