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Credit Suite is an online business loan marketplace that strives to put every kind of business owner in contact with a lender who can help them regardless of credit history and other factors. They know certain companies like startups will not have a demonstrated history of financial competence as they are just starting so they work with new businesses and established companies alike. Businesses who have declared bankruptcy in the past can also qualify for loans through Credit Suite. They advertise their ability to find you a suitable loan even after the banks have turned you away.

At a Glance:

  • Loans between $5,000 and $2 million
  • Multiple different loan types offered
  • Offers business loans to those who would not otherwise qualify with banks and traditional lenders
  • Even businesses with bankruptcies may qualify
  • Financial education available

Credit Suite Pros and Cons


  • Helps build your business’ credit
  • Financial education available
  • No collateral needed


  • Long funding time
  • Origination fees

Credit Suite Business Loan Rates and Fees


Varies depending on borrower

Loan term:

3 months to 20 years depending on loan type

Loan amounts:

$5,000 to $2 million

Hidden fees:

Origination fees

Minimum credit score required

No Minimum

Extra perks:

Financial education, business education

Fund availability

3-21 days

What type of business loans does Credit Suite offer?

SBA Loans: SBA Loans are business loans that are partially guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration which allows you to borrow money for almost any business-related purpose. These loans are generally desirable thanks to their low interest rates and long repayment terms but can be a less sought after option because the application process can be lengthy and funding will likely not be quick. Best for those seeking low interest rates and longer repayment terms

Business Term Loan: The most traditional type of business loan is a Business Term Loan which is a lump sum that you back at a fixed rate. Best for business owners who are looking to fund a specific project or investment.

Business Line of Credit: A business line of credit is an amount of money that businesses can utilize on an as-needed basis. Borrowers will only pay interest on what they use. Best for businesses who do not have a consistent cash flow and want to be prepared for emergencies, last minute opportunities, and gaps in revenue.

Short-Term Business Loans: Short-term business loans are quite literally business loans designed for short term uses as they include fast financing and short repayment term lengths. Best for emergency situations.

Equipment Financing: Equipment financing allows business owners to receive a lump sum that they are to use to pay for any equipment they may need. If the borrower defaults on this type of loan, the equipment purchased would be repossessed as it is considered the collateral for the loan. Best for business owners who need new equipment or machinery.

Invoice Financing: Invoice financing is a type of loan in which a business receives a cash advance in return for unpaid invoices. Best for those who may not qualify for traditional small business loans.

Start-up Business Loans: Start-up Loans are designed for those with a limited credit history who are starting up their business. Best for those starting a new business in a reliable industry who can also offer some kind of collateral - borrowers should also have an excellent personal credit history.

Merchant Cash Advances: A Merchant Cash Advance is a type of small business loan where you receive a lump sum that you pay back over time when a percentage of your daily sales is deducted. You will often also have to pay a fee on top of the amount you are paying back. Best for those facing emergency situations as these loans typically include high interest rates.

What are some of the benefits of using Credit Suite’s Services?

You can build your business credit score during your loan term.

While it may seem like it would be a common thing, the opportunity to build your businesses credit history when you take out a business loan is not all that common. When you borrow through Credit Suite you may be able to establish and boost your business’s credit score which will lead to better financial circumstances in the future.

Credit Suite offers financial education and support.

Credit Suite is aimed at small businesses who need help getting established and their financial education and support is a great tool for this. This will start as early as your application process when you’ll consult with their expert staff who will help you discover which loans and financial services are the right fit for you.

There is no collateral needed.

Many loans require collateral - something you put up against the loan that a lender can take if you default on your payments. Credit Suite loans do not require collateral which makes it a less risky option.

What are some of the downsides to using Credit Suite Business Loans?

The funding time is quite long.

While there are many loan types such as SBA loans that generally take several weeks to be funded, other types such as lines of credit may be funded within the same business day and some lenders can even deposit your funds within a few hours. The minimum time for funding with Credit Suite is generally three days.

Fees such as origination fees are often required.

While the APR offered is extremely low, you will likely have to pay at least one kind of fee throughout your loan term. The most common type of fee is an origination fee which is deducted from your funds before they are deposited.

Credit Suite Business Loan Review

Borrow $5,000 to $2 million

Funding as fast as 3 - 21 days

Loan term: 3 months - 20 years

Financial and business education

Minimum credit score: no minimum specified

Need help finding the right loan?

No worries, we've got you covered! Compare personalized loan options in just minutes without impact on your credit score.

Do I need a credit check to take out a business loan with Credit Suite?

The prequalification process does not require a hard credit check - that comes later when you select a loan and complete your application process.

Are there any hidden costs and fees associated with Credit Suite business loans?

Although it is completely free to explore your options with Credit Suite, you will likely have to pay several fees throughout the course of your loan term which begins once you are approved and accept an offer. The most common type of fee that is seen with Credit Suite business loans are origination and application fees which are typically deducted from the loan funds before they are deposited into your account.

How is Credit Suite’s customer service and support?

Credit Suite offers helpful customer service support from Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Those who need immediate support can call Credit Suite at (877) 600-2487 but those who prefer written communication can email them at

How to qualify for a Business Loan through Credit Suite

As Credit Suite is an online marketplace for lenders to connect with interested borrowers, there may be a variety of factors that will allow one to qualify for a loan. You may need to provide documentation such as:

  • Proof of collateral
  • Financial history of business
  • Proof of residency
  • Your ownership or affiliation status

How to Apply for a Business Loan with Credit Suite

The application process for a business loan through Credit Suite is quick and easy. First, you will head to their website and fill out a short form that will allow Credit Suite to collect some basic information such as your name, address, and phone number as well as some information about your business. You will have to share your monthly gross income and other financial information that pertains to your business and Credit Suite will verify it.

Once this information is received, Credit Suite will reach out to you to schedule a consultation where you will discuss your loan options and your business goals. You will also have a chance to have Credit Suite’s expert consultants help you weigh your loan options and by the end of the conversation they will have matched you with at least one that fits your needs.

After the loan offer is received and you and your business are approved for the loan in question, your final step before receiving funding is to review and sign some paperwork.

Is Credit Suite Legit and Trustworthy?

Yes, Credit Suite is a legitimate company that connects borrowers with reputable lenders who are generally transparent with their terms. This allows applicants to make informed decisions and not be surprised by any fees later on in their repayment terms.

Credit Suite is not a Better Business Bureau Accredited business but still holds an A+ rating.


Overall Credit Suite is a decent option for anyone who may not qualify for a loan through traditional lenders whether due to a low credit score or simply by being a startup that cannot present a significant amount of business financial history. The long funding times and fees may be outweighed by the financial education offered as well as the chance to establish a business credit history throughout the term of your loan.

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