BlueVine Business Loans Review 2024

BlueVine is an online lender that offers financial products to small businesses including business loans and standard banking. Potential borrowers can apply on the mobile app and can see analytics and statistics of their financials all in one place if they use both services. They offer loans that are funded as quickly as 12 hours from the moment of acceptance to borrowers who qualify.

At a Glance:

  • Loans between $5,000 to $250,000.
  • Offers Business Line of Credit loans
  • Funds business loans quickly
  • Not available in North Dakota, South Dakota or Vermont
  • Shorter term lengths can save borrowers interest over time

BlueVine Pros and Cons


  • Fast funding
  • Shorter term lengths
  • Accepts those with bad credit
  • Mobile app


  • Not available in North Dakota, South Dakota or Vermont
  • Weekly payments may be required

BlueVine Business Loan Rates and Fees


Varies depending on borrower

Loan term:

6-12 months

Loan amounts:

$5,000 to $250,000

Hidden fees:

Late fees may apply, $15 fee for wire transfer

Minimum credit score required


Extra perks:

Mobile app

Fund availability

As fast as 12-24 hours

What type of business loans does BlueVine offer?

Business Line of Credit: A business line of credit is an amount of money that businesses can utilize on an as-needed basis. Borrowers will only pay interest on what they use which can make it a desirable option for anyone who does not anticipate using their loan funds regularly. Those who qualify for a Business Line of Credit through BlueVine typically have an annual revenue over $120k, a credit score of 600, and have been in business for at least three months. Best for standard business expenses and emergencies.

What are some of the benefits of using BlueVine’s Services?

Cash can be available within 12 to 24 hours.

The biggest reason that you may be interested in borrowing from BlueVine over other lenders is how quickly their loans are funded. Many business loans will take weeks, if not months, but in some situations BlueVine’s business loans can be funded within 24 hours.

BlueVine offers shorter term lengths which can lead to less interest paid over time.

While shorter term lengths may imply a weekly repayment schedule and that may prove to be a deterrent, the short loan term will likely also lead to a lower total amount paid back in interest over time.

BlueVine accepts those with bad credit.

BlueVine’s application review process looks at more than just your credit history so even those with low personal credit scores may still be able to qualify. Your business financials may be analyzed and if your business has a high cash flow then a low personal credit score may not rule you out.

You can do a lot from BlueVine’s mobile app.

BlueVine has a well-designed mobile app where you can apply for a loan, manage your funds, and make repayments. You can also manage your loan from your desktop if you’d prefer, but the ability to manage your loan on the go can make BlueVine business loans a desirable option.

What are some of the downsides to using BlueVine Business Loans?

Loan terms may require weekly repayments.

When you receive your loan offer you will be able to see what repayment schedule BlueVine has assigned to you. Many lenders will require bi-weekly or monthly payments and while BlueVine may offer you that repayment schedule, they may also require a weekly repayment schedule especially for those with lower credit scores.

You will need a personal guarantee to qualify.

BlueVine, like other lenders, requires a personal guarantee for all business lines of credit, which means you (the borrower) will be personally liable for repayment if your company defaults on a loan. While this will not be an issue if you are able to consistently make on-time payments, the prospect of being responsible for a defaulted business loan may prove to be too high of a risk for you.

BlueVine business loans are not available in North Dakota, South Dakota or Vermont.

While this will not affect the majority of United States residents, the fact that BlueVine business loans are not available in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Vermont may mean that some hopeful borrowers will not be able to qualify regardless of their credit history and business statistics.


Borrow $5,000 - $250,000

Funding as fast as 24 - 48 hours

Loan term: 6-12 months

Features a mobile app

Minimum credit score: 600

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Do I need a credit check to take out a business loan with BlueVine?

The prequalification process does not require a hard credit check - that comes later when you select a loan and complete your application process. You will likely see a soft credit check conducted during your application process and this is done to curate the list of offers that can be presented to you.

Are there any hidden costs and fees associated with BlueVine business loans?

While there are no fees required for simply taking out a loan or working with BlueVine in the first place, you may find yourself facing certain types of loans in two different situations.

Firstly, if you would prefer to receive your funds via wire transfer you will be charged a $15 fee. When compared to the high amount that typically is funded, this fee is a minimal amount and it can be avoided by choosing direct deposit instead of wire transfer.

You may also be charged late fees if you do not pay on time but this fee can obviously be avoided by making on time payments consistently throughout your loan term.

How is BlueVine’s customer service and support?

BlueVine offers a robust customer service section that includes resources such as blog posts and articles that may enable you to answer your question yourself. If you do ultimately need to contact a customer service representative, you can start by filling out the form at the bottom of the page which will start the process of an email correspondence.

If you’d prefer to address your issues via phone, BlueVine offers a customer support help line at (888) 216-9619. Customer service agents are available to help Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST.

How to qualify for a Business Loan through BlueVine

The qualifications to borrow from BlueVine will vary but generally you will be able to qualify if you have:

  • Personal credit score of at least 600
  • Be located within the United States
  • $120,000+ in annual revenue
  • Have been in business for at least 6 months

How to Apply for a Business Loan with BlueVine

Applying for a business loan through BlueVine is a short and easy process that begins with an online application. During the application you will provide some personal and business information to BlueVine so they can evaluate your creditworthiness and determine how large of a line of credit they can offer you.

If you are accepted, you will know within minutes in most cases. Once you are approved you will have access to an online business portal where you can request funds and BlueVine will deposit those funds in your account within a few hours. Each withdrawal will have a repayment plan that will be weekly or monthly that you can easily track within your BlueVine account. You can make multiple withdrawals with your line of credit as long as the total amount you have borrowed is less than or equal to the total amount of your line of credit.

Is BlueVine Legit and Trustworthy?

BlueVine, like all lenders, will collect personal information from you throughout the application process and they take the safeguarding of that information very seriously. They use the highest industry standards when it comes to information security and they will never sell your personal information. If your information is going to be shared with another organization such as credit bureaus, BlueVine will always inform you well in advance.

BlueVine has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited business since 2014 and currently holds an A+ rating.


BlueVine is ultimately a great service that delivers on it’s promises and allows would-be borrowers with bad credit scores or other negative marks to possibly qualify for loans when other traditional lenders like banks would not be able to approve them. The fast application process and the fact that most applicants will receive their answer within moments can also be a huge draw with BlueVine business loans.

Although there are fees that may come up with BlueVine loans, they are minimal especially when compared to similar lenders. You’ll only get charged fees if you make your payments late or if you would prefer to receive your funds via wire transfer so if you avoid those two situations you can avoid fees during your loan term.

As long as you are not located in Vermont, South Dakota, and North Dakota, it is worth applying for business lines of credit through BlueVine.

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