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Breast Lift Financing Options

Aging is natural, but the physical signs are not often something we’re happy to see, nor something we have to put up with. If your breasts have lost their youthful shape, a breast lift can restore and improve their natural shape. Of course, breast lift surgery isn’t something you should try to do on a budget, and so most people seek breast lift financing to afford their surgery.

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What is breast lift financing?

Breast lift financing is any form of borrowing you do to pay for breast lift surgery. This financing usually pays for the surgery itself but can pay for aftercare and other aspects of your recovery, too.

How does breast lift financing work?

How breast lift financing works depends on the type of financing you choose, but most people choose to use a personal loan. This is where you borrow a lump sum amount and pay it back (plus interest) via monthly payments over a fixed period. This term is usually 3-5 years.

What are the best breast lift personal loans?

Make sure you consider all options available to you, but most people will find a personal loan is the best option for breast lift financing. Here are some of our favorites:

LightStream: borrow $5,000-$100,000 at 4.49-20.49% (minimum credit score: 660)

Lightstream Personal Loans


Funding: Borrow $5,000 - $100,000
Minimum Credit Score: 660
APR: 2.49% - 19.99%
Loan term: 2 - 7 years
Funding turnaround: as soon as same business day

LightStream offers up to $100k personal loans as soon as same business day without origination fees and easy to use mobile app.

Upgrade: borrow $1,000-$50,000 at 5.94-35.47% (minimum credit score: 560)



Funding: Borrow $1,000 - $50,000
Minimum Credit Score: 660
APR: 5.94% to 35.97%
Loan term: 2 - 7 years
Funding turnaround: as soon as next business day

Upgrade offers borrowers with fair credit scores to obtain loans up to $50k. Joint applications are allowed. Origination fees may apply.

Common Reasons Why People Choose Breast Lift Surgery

Some of the reasons why people choose to invest in breast lift surgery are:

  • To restore a youthful appearance
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Improve breast placement after weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy
  • To improve the feel of their breasts
  • Restore breast symmetry

At what age should I consider a breast lift?

You can consider a breast lift at any age (once your breasts are fully developed, usually between 18-21), but most people won’t need one until they are over 26-35 years old. It’s generally advisable to wait until you have finished having children before you have a breast lift.

How much does a breast lift cost?

A breast list usually costs $4,000 - $5,000.

What are the costs associated with breast lift surgery?

It’s important to have a realistic picture of all the costs associated with breast lift surgery so you can get the right financing and/or save enough to comfortably cover all possible costs. Here are some of the costs you need to consider:

  • Hospital/hotel fees ($500 - $2,000 - may or may not be included with the total cost you’re quoted, so check)
  • The cost of the surgery (around $5,000)
  • Anesthesia costs ($1,000 - $1,500 - usually included with the cost of the surgery, but check)
  • Medication costs (sometimes included, but often optional)
  • Supportive post-surgery garments ($250)

How long do breast lifts last?

Breast lifts are generally a “permanent” alteration, though you may see some changes as you continue to age. Most breast lifts last for well over 15 years, but some people choose to undergo another procedure 10-15 years after their first.

Can breasts sag after a breast lift procedure?

As we touched on above, a breast lift is a “permanent” procedure, in that the changes made themselves won’t “undo”. That said, the natural aging process varies from person to person, and most women will experience some sagging a decade or more after the procedure.

Is a breast lift painful?

Any invasive surgery will be painful, though much of this pain can be managed with appropriate medication, cold presses, and supportive garments. How much pain you will experience depends on your pain tolerance and how invasive your procedure is.

How can I finance a breast lift?

Here are the most popular options for financing a breast lift:

  • Personal Loans: Personal loans are a popular choice as they deposit the amount into your bank account and allow you to use the money as you choose. How much you can borrow and the interest rate you’ll get depends on your creditworthiness.
  • 0% APR Credit Cards: For those with a high income or excellent credit and some savings to use, a 0% APR credit card can be a good choice. These cards don’t always offer you enough (or long enough terms) to cover all costs associated with your surgery but can cover a large percentage of them. A low-interest credit card is another option.
  • HELOC: A Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to borrow against the value of your home, up to a given credit limit. This is a flexible way to borrow and can come with low-interest rates, but you need to understand that your home is at risk if the worst was to happen.
  • 401(k) Loan: If your 401(k) plan allows it, you may be able to take out a loan from your future retirement funds. The rules around these are usually strict, but they don’t require a credit check or interest since you’re borrowing from yourself.
  • In-House Financing: Most cosmetic surgeons offer in-house financing, which is usually provided through a partner lender. This is usually a personal loan, so make sure you compare terms to those you would get from external financing.

Of course, paying for your surgery from your savings and investments (if they can be liquidated without penalty) will usually be the most affordable option.

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Pros & Cons of Breast Lift Financing


  • Act now, rather than having to save up
  • Keep your savings (so you have a good buffer)
  • Spread the cost over a much longer-term
  • Many of the options have low interest rates, especially if you have a high credit score


  • If you stretch yourself financially to afford the surgery, you may find you have to put other big life decisions on hold until you pay it off
  • If you don’t have a good credit score, you’ll struggle to find affordable financing

What credit score do I need to qualify for breast lift financing?

You need a credit score of 600 or higher to qualify for most plastic surgery financing options, but 690 or higher is recommended for low rates.

Can I get breast lift financing with bad credit?

While it is possible, it’s not advisable. You’ll find most options for bad credit come with high-interest rates that make your repayments unaffordable or a serious financial stretch. Make sure you understand what you can afford.

Breast Lift Financing Calculator

Use our calculator below to find out how much your repayments may be:

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How to Qualify for Breast Reduction Financing

To qualify for affordable breast implant revision financing, you’ll need (in general):

  • A credit score over 660
  • A debt-to-income ratio of 30% or less
  • Annual income over $20,000

Compare breast lift personal loans and apply

A breast lift can seriously improve your self-confidence and quality of life, helping you to feel more “you” and wear the clothes that make you feel incredible. Once you’ve decided to invest in a breast lift, your next step should be to have a consultation with a surgeon to find out what your costs will be. Once you are ready to move forward, you can start seeking your financing.

Most people find a personal loan is the right choice for them, so start comparing the best breast lift personal loans in our tables here to find the right one for you. When you find the loan that best suits your circumstances, simply click apply and follow the lender’s instructions - you’ll soon have the funding you need to have your surgery.

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