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Neck Lift Loan Options

As our bodies age, we can start to look a little different, often a loss of confidence and feelings of unhappiness with how we are starting to look. A neck lift procedure can help you to look as young as you feel, but this surgery is not without cost. You may want to look toward neck lift financing to fund your procedure.

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What is neck lift financing?

Neck lift financing is any type of borrowing that will provide you with the funding you need to pay for your neck lift. There are a range of different options which we’ll cover in turn shortly.

How does neck lift financing work?

Most people will decide on a personal loan to finance a neck lift procedure. This type of financing works by allowing you to borrow a lump sum to cover the total costs of your surgery. You are then required to pay it back in weekly or monthly installments, over a fixed term, plus interest.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical technique that works to combat signs of aging in the neck, chin, and jawline. It works to get rid of excess fat and tighten loose or relaxed skin.

What is a mini neck lift?

A mini neck lift is essentially a less invasive version of a neck lift, using smaller incisions to reverse visible signs of aging. This type of neck lift has a shorter recovery period than a regular neck lift.

Can you have plastic surgery done on your neck?

Yes, you can choose between a neck lift and mini neck lift, or simple liposuction, either alone or combined with other cosmetic procedures.

How is a neck lift done?

A neck lift is performed by making an incision from around the hairline down to the neck. Any excess fat is then either sculpted or redistributed around the neck, tissue is repositioned, and typically platysma muscle tightened. The neck skin is then tightened, and any excess skin is trimmed away to leave a beautifully taut, smooth neck and jawline.

What is the best procedure to tighten the neck skin?

Cosmetic surgeons agree that the best procedure to tighten neck skin is a neck lift. This procedure gives the most dramatic results and is the longest-lasting.

How much does a neck lift cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a neck lift in 2020 was $5,774. However this doesn’t cover associated costs, so the costs of a neck lift will likely come out closer to $8,000.

How long does a neck lift last?

As long as you remain in good health, a neck lift can be expected to last for 10 to 15 years, although it will depend on your age, i.e., if you have a neck lift when you are 40 it will last longer than were you to have the procedure at 60.

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How can I finance a neck lift?

Let’s take a look at the best ways to finance a neck lift:

  • Savings: Cosmetic procedures can be very expensive, especially if you are combining more than one. With this in mind, savings should always be your first option, even for just part of the cost, as this will be most affordable for you, leading to little or no debt.
  • Personal Loans: This is the most popular way to fund a neck lift. A personal loan allows you to spread the cost over a longer period, usually between two and five years, with a lump sum paid directly to you. The amount you will be able to borrow, as well as the interest rate offered, will depend largely on your credit score.
  • 0% APR Credit Cards: A credit card is rarely a good option for large purchases as high interest rates make them very costly so can easily put you in debt. That said, if you can find a credit card with a long 0% APR period or one with an interest rate lower than 6%, and you have savings to use, this could be an option for you.
  • HELOC: A Home Equity Line of Credit is a good option if your cosmetic procedure/s will be particularly expensive as you can generally qualify for higher credit limits. You can use the credit line as and when you need to, paying interest only on what you use. The downside is, if you default on repayments, you will be putting your home at risk.
  • 401(k) Loan: This method of funding allows you to use your future retirement savings early. You will not need a credit check or have to pay interest, but you should be clear on what this type of loan will mean for your future retirement plans.
  • In-House Financing: Many plastic surgeons will offer in-house financing that allows you to pay for your neck lift through a payment plan. They typically work with a partner lender to provide you with a personal loan which is then paid directly to the surgeon. This type of financing often comes with desirable terms, but you check whether you can get a better deal elsewhere with an external lender before committing to this plan.

Pros & Cons of Neck Lift Financing


  • No longer feel bad about yourself
  • You can get financing for it now, helping you to secure finding even if you plan to retire in the next few years
  • Leave your savings intact
  • Options are affordable for those with good credit


  • You may find you have to put off other major life decisions until you’ve paid off the loan
  • Financing options are costly if you have bad or fair credit

What credit score do you need to obtain neck lift financing?

If you have a credit score of 600 or below, you will struggle to find financing that is affordable. On the other hand, if you have a credit score of 690 or more, you will have access to the best financing options with the most desirable terms and rates.

Can I get neck lift financing with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, it is unlikely that you will be able to get neck lift financing. Even if you can qualify, you may find that you are unable to afford the loan at the rate you are offered. The lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate. You need to be realistic, and never take on a loan you can’t afford.

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What are the best neck lift personal loans?

As mentioned above, a personal loan is typically the best form of financing for a neck lift. Here are some of the best options:

  • Avant: borrow $2,000-$35,000 at 9.95-35.99% (minimum credit score: 550)
  • Axos Bank: borrow $10,000-$50,000 at 6.79-17.99% (minimum credit score: 700)
  • LendingClub: borrow $1,000-$40,000 at 7.04-35.89% (minimum credit score: 600)
  • LightStream: borrow $5,000-$100,000 at 4.49-20.49% (minimum credit score: 660)
  • Universal Credit: borrow $1,000-$50,000 at 8.93-35.43% (minimum credit score: 560)
  • Upgrade: borrow $1,000-$50,000 at 5.94-35.47% (minimum credit score: 560)
  • Upstart: borrow $1,000-$50,000 at 4.81-35.99% (minimum credit score: none)

How to Qualify for Neck Lift Financing

To qualify for the most affordable neck lift financing, you will need:

  • a credit score of 660+
  • a debt-to-income ratio of 30% or under
  • an annual income of $25,000+

Compare neck lift personal loans and apply

If you are sure that a neck lift is the right step for you, you can start to think about financing your procedure. It is beneficial to first go for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon as they will provide you with an accurate idea of what your plastic surgery is going to cost you.

When you know how much you need to borrow, you can compare loans and apply. We have made it easy for you by rounding up the best neck lift personal loans so that you can decide on which one is best for you. Then you can simply click apply and soon have the financing you need to pay for your procedure and boost your confidence.

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