Fundbox Business Loans Review

Borrow from $2,500 to $150k and get funded as fast as next business day.

Fundbox is a San Francisco-based financial services platform that provides lending and payment solutions to small businesses. They aim to help small business owners by using predictive modeling and their knowledge of analytics, statistics, and engineering. In addition to simply lending money, Fundbox uses their knowledge and expertise to maximize cash flow for the businesses they work with.

At a Glance:

  • Loans from $2,500 to $150,000
  • Fast funding especially when compared to similar business lenders
  • No early payment fees
  • High interest rates and personal guarantee can make it a risky option for some
  • Those with lower credit may still be able to qualify

Fundbox Pros and Cons


  • Fast funding
  • Lower requirements than similar business lenders
  • No fees for early payments


  • The maximum loan amount is relatively low at $150,000
  • Personal guarantee and business lien needed

Fundbox Business Loan Rates and Fees



Loan term:

12-24 months

Loan amounts:

$2,500 to $150,000

Hidden fees:


Minimum credit score required


Extra perks:

Mobile app, interest calculator on website

Fund availability

As fast as one business day

What type of business loans does Fundbox offer?

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is an amount of money that businesses can utilize on an as-needed basis. Borrowers will only pay interest on what they use. Those who qualify for a Business Line of Credit through Fundbox typically have an annual revenue over $25,000, a credit score of at least 500, and have been in business for at least three months. Best for standard business expenses and emergencies.

What are some of the benefits of using Fundbox’s Services?

Business Loans though Fundbox are funded quickly.

In some cases, business loans may take weeks if not months to be fully funded which can be a problem for those who are facing financial emergencies or would just prefer to access their funds sooner rather than later. Fundbox business loans are funded quickly and in some cases borrowers will be able to access their funds within one business day.

Fundbox is able to work with those with lower credit scores and other factors that may prevent them from qualifying for business loans.

Fundbox's application evaluation process takes into account more than simply your credit history, so even individuals with poor credit may be eligible for loans. Fundbox will look at factors like your business’s history and cash flow to evaluate the risk of lending to you so they will be able to get a full picture of your financial habits and how likely you are to be able to pay them back at a regular rate.

Fundbox will not charge you for paying off your loan early.

It sounds counterproductive to charge a borrower for paying back their loan early but many lenders do. Fundbox is not one of them. When you borrow with Fundbox you can pay off your loan as early as you’d like and save money in fees and interest in the process.

What are some of the downsides to using Fundbox Business Loans?

The maximum loan amount is relatively low at $150,000

When compared to other business lenders, Fundbox’s funding maximum of $150,000 is low. Many lenders have similar requirements and repayment terms but offer business loans up to $250,000.

Fundbox business loans are a costly option.

While there are no upfront costs when you take out a business loan from Fundbox, you should be aware of the loan's high cost thanks to the high interest rates. If you have a good credit score and good cash flow, you might be able to get a loan with a low APR, but the APR can be as high as 78%.

You will need a personal guarantee or business lien.

Fundbox, like other lenders, requires a personal guarantee for all business lines of credit, which means you (the borrower) will be personally liable for repayment if your company defaults on a loan. To secure the line of credit, borrowers must consent to a general lien on their business assets which means that your business or aspects of it may serve as collateral should you default on the loan.

FundBox Business Loans

Borrow $2,500 - $150,000

APR ranges from 10.10-79.80%

Funding as fast as next business day

Loan term: up to 12-24 months

Mobile app, interest calculator on website

Minimum credit score: 600

Need help finding the right loan?

No worries, we've got you covered! Compare personalized loan options in just minutes without impact on your credit score.

Do I need a credit check to take out a business loan with Fundbox?

The prequalification process does not require a hard credit check - that comes later when you complete a loan offer and receive your funds. If you use your credit score as one of your references during your application process you will have a soft credit check pulled during your application process. A hard inquiry will be completed when you draw on your line of credit for the first time and Fundbox may periodically conduct soft credit checks to reassess your status and possibly offer you more available funds. Soft credit checks will not affect your credit score.

Are there any hidden costs and fees associated with Fundbox business loans?

While there are no outright fees required when you take out a business loan with Fundbox, it is important to be aware of the high cost of the loan due to interest. If you have a high credit score and business cash flow you may be able to take out a loan with a low APR but in some cases the APR can be as high as 78% which can make a Fundbox business loan an expensive option. That said, you can pay it off early without facing prepayment fees which may save you money you would have had to pay towards interest rates.

How is Fundbox’s customer service and support?

Fundbox’s customer service has received generally positive reviews and many people mention it’s relatively easy to get in touch with a customer service agent and get their question answered or their issue resolved. If you have a question for Fundbox, you can email them at or call their customer support line from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST.

How to qualify for a Business Loan through Fundbox

The qualifications to borrow from Fundbox may vary but generally you will be able to qualify if you have:

  • Personal credit score of at least 600
  • Be located within the United States
  • $100,000+ in annual revenue
  • Been in business for at least six months ideally although some exceptions may apply
  • Business financial history including business specific checking accounts

How to Apply for a Business Loan with Fundbox

The application process for business loans through Fundbox is quick and efficient. To start, simply head to Fundbox’s website and submit a brief online application. This application will ask for your basic information as well as basic information about your business. Depending on your situation you may need to submit additional information such as your personal credit history, business cash flow, business bank account statements, and so on.

Once you submit your application, you will get a response within seconds in many cases. Once you receive an affirmative notice then Fundbox will start the process of sending you funds and you will receive the money within one business day but the specific amount of time depends on your bank’s policies and procedures. If your application requires further review, Fundbox will notify you immediately and send you an email when a decision is made.

Is Fundbox Legit and Trustworthy?

Fundbox is a completely legitimate financial service that strives to keep your information secure using the highest industry standards and protocols. They list the security programs and softwares they utilize on their website and are transparent about their methods. You will likely need to log into your bank account during your quick application process and Fundbox clearly states that they do not store that information.

Fundbox has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited business since 2014 and currently holds an A+ rating. In the past three years they have had 13 complaints that have all been resolved, only one of which was submitted in the past year.


Ultimately while Fundbox is a trustworthy lender who can get you funds quickly, it is really only an option to consider if you are in need of fast cash. The high interest rates and aggressive payment schedules may put you in a worse financial situation in the end. However if you are unable to find another loan with better rates you may still have a chance at qualifying for a Fundbox business loan. If you do borrow from them, pay the loan back as early as you can as you will save on interest and they do not charge prepayment penalties.

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