FTC Affiliate Disclosure


FTC Affiliate Disclosure

This website utilizes affiliate programs as a means of monetization to help cover the expenses associated with maintaining a free platform. When you click on links or images and proceed to make a purchase, sign up, or apply for a service, it may result in a commission being credited to this site.

The primary objective of this website is to provide information about personal and business loans, as well as credit card offers. Please note that this website is not owned, operated, or affiliated with advertisers, except for our affiliate relationships through which we recommend their products.

Throughout this website, you will find links to external websites. These links are provided solely for informational purposes. It is possible that some of these sites may contain affiliate codes, but we have no financial interest in any other sites or their advertising.

Additionally, you may come across links on this site to other affiliate programs and affiliations, including but not limited to Credible.com, SimpleTuition.com, Commission Junction, Amazon.com, Linkshare, Google Affiliate Network, and others.

We want to assure you that the products and services recommended on this site, which feature affiliate links, are those that we either use ourselves or have extensively researched.