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How to Get a Butt Lift Loan

If you are lucky, simply doing targeted exercises can shape your buttocks into something you are happy with, but for many people, this isn’t the case. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, are unhappy with the buttocks you have naturally, have lost your body shape after pregnancy, or are simply unhappy with the way your body is aging you may find that a buttock enhancement procedure is what you need to get your confidence back and have your dream body.

A butt lift is a costly surgery and you should never try to have it done on a budget. Many people seek buttock enhancement financing to fund their surgery.

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What is buttock enhancement financing?

Buttock enhancement financing is any type of borrowing that supplies you with the money you need to cover your procedure. Typically, this will be a personal loan, but there are other financing methods available that we will look at below.

How does buttock enhancement financing work?

The way in which buttock enhancement financing works will depend on the type of financing you choose and the lender, but most people will choose a personal loan to finance their buttock enhancement.

This involves borrowing a lump sum of money to cover all costs related to your surgery. You are then required to pay this amount back with added interest over a set term, usually 2-5 years, in weekly or monthly payments.

What are the best butt lift personal loans?

Some of the best butt enhancement loan options for lenders include:

  • Avant: borrow $2,000-$35,000 at 9.95-35.99% (minimum credit score: 550)
  • Axos Bank: borrow $10,000-$50,000 at 6.79-17.99% (minimum credit score: 700)
  • LendingClub: borrow $1,000-$40,000 at 7.04-35.89% (minimum credit score: 600)
  • LightStream: borrow $5,000-$100,000 at 4.49-20.49% (minimum credit score: 660)
  • Universal Credit: borrow $1,000-$50,000 at 8.93-35.43% (minimum credit score: 560)
  • Upgrade: borrow $1,000-$50,000 at 5.94-35.47% (minimum credit score: 560)
  • Upstart: borrow $1,000-$50,000 at 4.81-35.99% (minimum credit score: none)

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How much does a buttock lift cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a buttock enhancement ranges from $4,807 to $5,482 depending on the type of butt lift you choose. This does not usually include extra costs such as anesthesia.

Are there different types of buttock lift procedures?

Although “butt lift” is a broadly used term, it can actually refer to three different buttock enhancement procedures.

  1. Butt Lift: This is a popular option for patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight and are looking to get rid of excess skin. The outer layer of skin is removed, and the underlying tissue is tucked into the buttock to create volume and make the buttocks rounder.
  2. Butt Implants: Butt implants work to make buttocks fuller by positioning a silicone implant under the gluteus maximus through a small incision. Although effective, butt implants can be risky as it is difficult to avoid putting pressure on them and it involves putting a synthetic material under the skin.
  3. Brazilian Butt Lift: A Brazilian butt lift is a very popular method to enhance the buttock by making the waist smaller and the buttock perkier. In this procedure, the waist and back are first sculpted by removing excess fat through liposuction. This fat is then injected into the buttocks to create volume and a desirable shape with natural material from the body.

How long does a butt lift last?

The length of time your butt lift will last depends on the procedure you choose. Butt implants are likely to last for up to 10 years, as long as they are looked after properly, whereas the results from a Brazilian butt lift should last for 5 years, depending on how you age and any significant changes in weight.

What can I expect after a buttock lift procedure?

You can expect to take 1-2 weeks off work after your buttock lift procedure, and during this time you can expect to experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort as your buttocks heal.

A butt lift will leave a scar at the top of the buttocks but it is easily hidden by your underwear or a bathing suit.

After a Brazilian butt lift, it will likely take up to six months to see the finished results, retaining between 60% and 80% of the transferred fat. Once the swelling lessens, you can expect your buttock to look rounder and smoother, but it is crucial that you follow your after-care instructions and attend all your follow-up appointments.

Do plastic surgeons offer financing for buttock enhancements?

The majority of plastic surgeons will offer financing to help you finance your buttock enhancements, but you also have other options which we’ll cover below.

How can I finance a buttock lift?

The best means of financing a buttock lift are:

Using Savings: As with any surgical procedure, a buttock lift can be very costly, especially if you are looking to have other procedures carried out, but it can be worth using your savings, at least to cover some of the costs, as this will prevent you from having to take out an expensive loan.

Personal Loans: Probably the most popular choice for buttock enhancement financing, a personal loan will enable you to spread out your surgery costs over a longer period, usually ranging between two and five years. Your creditworthiness will play a large part in how much money you will qualify for as well as the interest rate you will be offered. This is a good choice if you want to be in complete control of which expenses the money is used for as the lump sum is put into your bank account rather than going directly to your plastic surgeon.

0% APR Credit Cards: You are going to want to avoid using a credit card to cover all the costs of your butt lift, but if you are able to put some of your own money in as well, or you can qualify for a high credit limit, you could consider acquiring a credit card with a long 0% APR period or a particularly low interest rate (look for 6% or less).

HELOC: If your buttock enhancement procedure is looking to be particularly expensive, you could look into getting a Home Equity Line of Credit. With this credit line, you can borrow just what you need as and when you need it, paying interest only on what you use. As this financing method is secured against your home, you can get a high credit limit with a low interest rate, but it puts your home at risk, should you default on repayments.

401(k) Loan: Your 401(k) plan may permit you to take out money from your retirement savings. This financing does not require a credit check and you aren’t required to pay interest, however, they often come with strict repayment rules and you will have less money to live off when you eventually retire.

In-House Financing: As mentioned above, many cosmetic surgeons will offer in-house financing so you can pay for your procedure over time. They usually work through a partner lender where the money is paid directly to the surgeon. This type of financing can have desirable terms, but you should be sure that you can’t get a better deal with a personal loan with your choice of lender.

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Pros & Cons of Buttock Enhancement Financing


  • Finally get the body you desire
  • Get treatment now, without having to save up
  • Retain your savings
  • Spread the cost into manageable payments


  • Can be expensive – using financing can mean you have to put major life goals on hold until you pay back what you have borrowed
  • Financing options are costly if you have bad or fair credit

What credit score do you need to obtain butt lift financing?

If you have a credit score any lower than 600 you will probably find it difficult to find financing that is affordable.

With a credit score of 690+, you will be able to qualify for the best financing options and rates.

Can I get buttock enhancement financing with bad credit?

It is unlikely that you will be able to qualify with bad credit, but it is still possible. Make sure you are realistic about the amount you can afford and know that the lower your credit score, the higher interest rates will be for you.

Use our calculator below to give you a better idea of whether or not you can afford buttock enhancement financing.

Butt Lift Financing Calculator

Use our calculator to get a better understanding of how much your repayments are likely to cost you:

How much do you need to borrow?


Total Payment


Total Interest


Monthly Payment


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How to Qualify for Buttock Enhancement Financing

In order to qualify for affordable buttock enhancement financing you will need:

  • a credit score of at least 660
  • annual income of $20,000+
  • a debt-to-income ratio of up to 30%

Compare Butt Lift Personal Loans and Apply

If you are sure that a butt lift is the best way for you to gain more confidence and achieve your desired body shape, you can start thinking about financing your procedure.

A good first step is to have a consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon to find out how much your procedure is likely to cost so that you can then weigh up your financing options.

We’ve rounded up the best buttock enhancement personal loans in our tables so you can easily compare rates to find the best lender for you. When you have determined the loan that is right for you, all you have to do is click apply and you will receive the financing you need to take that next step in no time at all.

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